The philosophy of IVONOVI aims to bring to the sensitive world at the light, the invisible details of physical and imaginary space equally. The brand makes accessories with a great imprint of sculptural aesthetics. They can be worn by women and men, wearing creations as if they were works of art.

The strength of the designs imposes, they cease to detail and take a step forward. They become the focus of attention of the outfit while enhancing the individuality of the person who wears it. Mimesis is created between structure and sculpture, based on an optical illusion. There is an ingenious arrangement of the pieces, which are balanced through an oscillating movement. This dynamic game between the parts is what generates the optical effect of the works.

The designs, unique and of very high quality, resides in a multidimensional space. The ideas that come from the thoughts, coexist with the creativity and elegance demanded by the public that "IVONOVI" points to. In each piece of the collection lies the ability to surprise and inspire: In addition to operating independently, the pieces offer the possibility of being combined one with each other. In this way, the creative capacity of the clients receives a stimulus to get moving.