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Ikat Hair Accessory

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Handmade in Italy, our Ikat Hair Accessory is made of silk and cotton ikat with moiré finishing that gives the fabric a sophisticated shimmering effect.

In the ikat making process, the threads are meticulous marked according to pre-set patterns. The different sections are then tie-dyed According to the complexity of the pattern and the number of colours, the tie-dye process is repeated several times. The threads are then handwoven on a four or six-shaft treadle loom. The fabrics irregularities reflect the handmade nature of the entire process and are part of the textile’s beauty. Click here to find out more about how ikat is made.

The fabric is sourced directly from Margilan, Uzbekistan. The hairband is handmade in the Veneto region, in Italy.

Measures: 20cm in diameter

Washing instructions: dry clean/wash by hand in cold water