Filanda N.18

Kantha hand-embroidered coat

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Our dark green kantha coat is entirely hand-embroidered with kantha stitch. The embroidery pattern recalls the structures of the Italian Rational Architecture or Architettura Razionalista movement which is the main inspiration behind the collection. The coat has two dark grey panels, one on the front-left side and one on the back along the coat’s length. The padding is made of layered upcycled cotton saaris. It comes with side pockets and a sash.

Kantha is a running stitch embroidery tradition from West Bengal, India and Bangladesh. The technique is also very similar to sashiko stitching from Japan, whose garment cuts’ tradition also inspired the collection’s silhouettes.

Made of 100% cotton, the coat is hand-dyed and hand-embroidered at Afterlife Projects, a Kolkata-based design studio with whom we partnered for the collection’s craft pieces. The textile’s irregularities reflect the handmade nature of the entire process and are part of the coat’s beauty.



Washing instructions: wash delicately by hand in cold water or dry clean